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Fairport Karate Classes

Martial arts classes in Fairport, NY


Karate & JuJutsu Classes for All Ages

Beginners Welcome!
Great for beginner and advanced students alike.
Age-appropriate classes teaching age-appropriate skills.
Self-Defense based training.
A great mix of fun and fitness.
Learn incredible life skills including focus, coordination, respect, & confidence among others.
Family-friendly environment with group classes for families.
Professional instructors with over 30 years of teaching experience.
Teaching way more than what you think of as “basic” karate.
Classes you and your entire family will love!

Train with us!

Our instructors are waiting to hear from you. Reach out below to learn more and join us for a class!

Our martial arts classes are a great opportunity to learn functional & effective martial arts right in Fairport!

Martial arts teaches respect
Social skills taught in karate classes


Fairport Karate class review by Josh F

“A great place for kids to learn. They provide a fun and supportive atmosphere that really allows kids of all ages to strive and achieve. The teachers are fantastic, full of great advice, and always focused on learning not only karate but also skills for life — discipline, self-control, focus, setting goals and more. Like a lot of the parents there, it was so much fun to watch that I’ve started taking classes myself, and I can’t believe I waited so long. Going to class is also a valued part of my week as well, a chance to exercise both body and mind. Aric Keyes and all the staff there are the best!”

Joshua F.

Fairport Karate class review by Josh F

“My husband and I started taking karate about 6 months ago. We had been talking about taking karate for quite some time, since our children (ages 8-12) have been taking for various amounts of time over the past 5 years. We have enjoyed watching them grow and learn martial arts as well as maturing different aspects of their personal character development..”

Sheri H.

Fairport Karate class review by Josh F

“Kime Karate studio has really helped my son become a better version of himself. He is excited to go each week, is showing more self-confidence, and his overall level of respect has improved. The classes are fun and engaging, yet teach structure, respect, and self-discipline. I am so grateful for the experience my son is getting.”

Mandy W.


We’re offering Karate & Jiu-Jitsu classes here in the village of Fairport, NY!

Our classes offer a self-defense-based curriculum that is incredibly functional and effective.

We are a family-friendly school, with classes based on age and skill level so you can find the exact class that you are looking for.

We fill our classes with techniques, drills & skills to give you confidence in yourself. Students of all ages learn focus, discipline, respect, and self-control through the process of learning our unique curriculum.

Karate Classes

Beginners are always welcome!
Our classes and our curriculum are designed so that both beginner and advanced students can start at any time. Classes are broken down by age for age-appropriate skills. There’s no reason to wait any longer, sign up to learn more!

Koryu Uchinadi self-defense class in Rochester, NY
jiujitsu classes in Rochester, NY

Jiu-Jitsu Classes

Our jiu-jitsu classes are based on self-defense and not sport application. A different perspective that makes a world of difference. Our classes will teach you how to defend yourself and control your opponent, giving you a superior position and an advantage in any altercation. Got your interest? Subscribe to learn more!

Classes Sound Great, Right?!


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No experience? No problem.

We are used to training both beginners and experts of all levels.